In 2021, Ahuriire Uganda Limited embarked on a transformative journey as a participant in the NSSF Hi Innovator Programme. Little did we know that this initiative would not only fuel our innovative spirit but also lead to a resounding success — a winning moment that saw us securing $20,000 in catalytic seed funding.
A Path of Innovation and Support: NSSF Hi Innovator Programme

The NSSF Hi Innovator Programme stands as a beacon for small and growing businesses, offering more than just financial support. It’s a comprehensive initiative that extends catalytic seed funding, builds the capacity of entrepreneurship support organizations, and collaborates with financing institutions to unlock affordable patient capital. For Ahuriire, this program was not just an opportunity but a roadmap for growth and competitiveness.

As proud participants in the NSSF Hi Innovator Programme, we poured our passion and dedication into showcasing the innovation that defines Ahuriire. Our efforts were met with success, and we emerged as winners of the program, securing a significant $20,000 in seed funding. This victory is a testament to our commitment to pushing boundaries, fostering growth, and creating solutions that make a real impact.

Beyond Funding: Building a Competitive Future

The triumph in the NSSF Hi Innovator Programme is not just about the financial reward. It signifies a pivotal moment in our journey — a moment that propels Ahuriire towards a more competitive future. The program’s holistic approach, coupled with the seed funding, empowers us to not only innovate but to thrive in a dynamic business landscape.

A Grateful Journey, An Exciting Future: Thank You, NSSF Hi Innovator Programme

Ahuriire extends heartfelt gratitude to the NSSF Hi Innovator Programme for providing the platform, support, and financial backing that will undoubtedly shape the trajectory of our company. This victory is not just ours; it’s a shared achievement with the entire team and a promise to continue innovating, growing, and contributing to the vibrant landscape of Ugandan entrepreneurship.

In conclusion, our participation in the NSSF Hi Innovator Programme is more than a chapter in our story — it’s a turning point, a testament to the potential of innovation, and a stride towards a future where Ahuriire stands as a beacon of success in the world of technology and entrepreneurship.