Empowering Tomorrow’s Leaders: Our Success in the PSFU Work Readiness Programme.

Introduction: At Ahuriire Uganda Limited, we believe in investing in the future by empowering young talents. Recently, we had the privilege to participate in the Private Sector Foundation Uganda (PSFU) Work Readiness Programme (WRP), a transformative initiative implemented in collaboration with Enabel. This program is designed to enhance the employability and productivity of young graduates by providing them with practical work experience and invaluable soft skills. We are thrilled to share our success story from this impactful program.


Ahuriire Uganda Limited: Paving the Way for Innovation through YSA Uganda Accelerator Programme

In a significant stride towards fostering innovation and entrepreneurial excellence, Ahuriire Uganda Limited proudly announces its active participation in the Youth Startup Academy Uganda (YSAU). Originating from Korea, a nation celebrated for its rich history of successful entrepreneurship programs, YSAU extends its global impact by inaugurating its first overseas incubation hub right here in Uganda.

Ahuriire Uganda Limited’s Triumph in NSSF Hi Innovator Programme: A Journey of Innovation and Success

In 2021, Ahuriire Uganda Limited embarked on a transformative journey as a participant in the NSSF Hi Innovator Programme. Little did we know that this initiative would not only fuel our innovative spirit but also lead to a resounding success — a winning moment that saw us securing $20,000 in catalytic seed funding.